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Alpha High Theft Article Security

World leader in solutions for high-theft products

With every Alpha High Theft product, we aim to help retailers reduce theft and increase profits.

Especially suitable for:

  • Clothing stores
  • Hardware stores
  • Garden centers
  • Electronics stores
  • Drugstores
  • Supermarkets

The right solution for every retailer.

View the product catalog online, or download the PDF file.

One-alarm, two-alarm, or three-alarm systems, increasingly sophisticated, ensuring the right product for every circumstance. The ideal and acceptable extension of the article security system.

Get well informed and request a demonstration. We are happy to come to your store for explanations!

More information about Alpha High Theft Article Security

For nearly half a century, Alpha has been providing their retailers with the most innovative and technologically advanced products to secure theft-prone items. Their solutions are utilized by over 90% of the top retailers in North America and 70% of all top global retailers across various retail sectors.

The Alpha High Theft solutions offer high security for theft-prone products. This enables retailers to offer these products openly for sale while keeping product information readable. Store staff can easily remove the security at the checkout when purchasing the product.

The Alpha High Theft security solutions are technology-agnostic and designed to complement any EAS system, including RF, RFID, and AM. Multiple products are available in a 2- or 3-alarm version, allowing retailers to provide a higher level of protection. The wide range of Alpha products offers functional solutions for every retailer.

Alpha products are designed to provide the maximum level of protection with minimal disruption to branding, products, and packaging. Sustainability is a key driver of innovation at Alpha, continually evaluating, adapting, and developing their Alpha High-Theft Solution products to become more sustainable.

Alpha leads in technological development. Their internal research and development team continuously enhances their solutions and develops advanced technologies that meet retailers’ needs. Alpha has over 700 patents (pending) due to their focus on exploring new options and thinking outside the box.

Through their dedication and focus on developing new products, retailers can find the solutions they need at Alpha to sell more, lose less, and improve their business results. Also, explore the Alpha zone, an ideal solution when products need to remain within a specific area.

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