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Buying Checkpoint Systems Security Gates

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Are you looking to buy top-notch security gates? Checkpoint Systems produces and delivers security solutions for retailers worldwide. You can find these security gates in major retail chains as well as in small shops. The quality of these gates is extremely high, making Checkpoint Systems one of the leading manufacturers of security gates worldwide.

Buying or Leasing Security Gates

Do you need a long-term solution for solid security in your store? We create a plan specifically for your location and ensure that the alarm gates are professionally installed by our technical team. In addition to purchasing, you can also choose leasing with several benefits: the leasing company owns the equipment during the lease period, so it does not appear on your balance sheet, avoiding any impact on your liquidity. After the lease period, you have the option to take ownership of the equipment.

Various Types of Detection Gates

There are suitable security detection gates available for every specific situation. Checkpoint Systems continuously develops its gates, regularly introducing new products to stay ahead of shoplifters’ inventiveness. Additionally, new gate models are produced for aesthetic reasons, ensuring that the appearance of a store is minimally affected by security gates. Some gates even have the ability to match the interior color. Consider extremely narrow gates that can be installed in passageways such as restrooms.

See here the different types of security gates from Checkpoint Systems.

Are you curious about the specifications? You can download the specification forms below. These are also available on the website of Checkpoint Systems.

G35_Spec_Sheet | G40_Spec_Sheet | N10_Spec_Sheet | NP10_Spec_Sheet | NP20_Spec_Sheet | P10_Spec_Sheet | P20_Spec_Sheet | S10_Spec_Sheet | S20_Spec_Sheet

Do you want to professionally secure your store?

With extensive expertise in detection techniques, we offer solutions for retailers to effectively secure their stores against shoplifting. The most popular systems for preventing shoplifting are security gates. We have installed these in many hundreds of stores and are also happy to assist you. Do you want sound advice for securing your store with security detection gates, ultimately increasing your profits? Then contact us today for a no-obligation consultation!

The latest models of security gates.

In the slideshow below, you’ll get an impression of several different possibilities of Checkpoint Systems’ gates.

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