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Camera Security

Hikvision Camera's
Met Hikvision camera's zorgen we voor 24/7 levendige kleurrijke beelden met geavanceerde lenzen,
hoogwaardige sensoren en heldere verlichting.
Het super-diafragma vangt meer licht op om helderdere beelden te produceren.
Geavanceerde sensortechnologie kan het gebruik van beschikbaar licht aanzienlijk verbeteren.
Er zijn camera's die zonder licht d.m.v een ingebouwde, aanvullende verlichting
voor kleurrijke beelden zorgen.

Keuze in overvloed!

Hikvision Cameras

Plenty of choices!

Custom CCTV Camera Security System Installed at Your Location

KWBS installs camera security systems in stores. The CCTV camera security systems we install stand out from the many cheap, unusable systems on the market in terms of image quality and reliability. Did you know that such cheap camera systems often turn out to be a waste of money when you need them most? You might have seen footage on crime shows on television where perpetrators are unrecognizable due to poor image quality. That won’t happen with KWBS camera security. It’s a waste, isn’t it, if you invest in a camera security system whose footage turns out to be unusable when you really need it.

Our CCTV camera security systems always consist of high-quality components and are expertly installed. This ensures you get the highest possible quality images, and very importantly: filmed from the most profitable angles! Good camera security gives you peace of mind and a sense of safety, also for your staff. We offer the right CCTV camera security system for every situation, including skilled installation.

Secure your store with a well-functioning CCTV camera security system whose footage is easy to retrieve and always sharp and clear!



A good CCTV system offers safety and convenience.

CCTV stands for ‘Closed Circuit Television’. This means it is a closed camera security system, which cannot be influenced from outside. However, with the correct login credentials, you can log in yourself and view and even control your cameras remotely.

All footage is stored and can be easily retrieved later when the situation requires it. Sometimes it only becomes clear later when something has been stolen or vandalized. Then it is important to have a good camera security system with which you can easily review the footage, even from far back in time! It is essential that your CCTV camera security system is installed professionally. We create a plan for your specific situation, ensuring no spot is overlooked. However, we always try to work with as few cameras as possible to keep costs down and the system manageable for you. This is feasible because we only use cameras with high resolution and good performance in low light.

Providing good camera security is second nature to us. Do you have doubts about the quality of your own CCTV camera security system? Feel free to contact us for personalized advice!

Revise Existing CCTV Camera System

Many commonly used CCTV security camera systems are severely outdated, resulting in poor or even no image quality. Some colleagues are still installing these cheap systems. This allows them to work at a low cost due to the low product costs and shorter installation time. In practice, such systems are usually worthless. Nobody benefits from seeing a vague shadow stealing or vandalizing something. You already know that something has been stolen or vandalized. Only when individuals are clearly recognizable in the footage is it possible to involve the police and have the thieves tracked down.

Modern surveillance cameras provide detailed High Definition (HD) images that are very useful in identifying perpetrators. The outdated CCTV security camera systems often also have very cumbersome user interfaces, making them difficult to operate. Our modern systems have a very intuitive interface, making it easy for you to find, save, and, if necessary, send and provide footage to the police.


Do you need high-quality CCTV camera security?

We are happy to advise you on which CCTV camera security system best suits your situation. We supply various brands and always choose the best system for each specific situation. You can also request a quote online! Check out our dedicated website on camera security!

For immediate advice, you can call us at 035-8888672. See also our contact page.

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