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Checkpoint Systems Security Gates

NEO™ NP10 / NP20
Checkpoint Systems Security Gates

Meet the brand-new Checkpoint Systems Detection Gates: NP10 and NP20, featuring sleek, contemporary designs and impressive performance upgrades thanks to our state-of-the-art NEO wireless technology.

Enjoy wider aisles between the antennas and broad store entrances for a more open and inviting retail environment. Wireless connectivity makes installation a breeze, while secure synchronization and network communication ensure seamless operation.

Personalize your alarm signals with a choice of multiple audio files or add your own unique sound. It’s now easier than ever to have a security system that is not only effective but also stylish and user-friendly. Discover the possibilities of our NP10 and NP20 today!

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The NG10 Checkpoint Systems Detection Gates are characterized by elegant design and excellent detection performance. The popularity of these antennas is rapidly growing, and rightfully so. The NG10 not only offers a slim profile but also achieves a detection rate that has never been seen before.

Designed with a focus on the future, the NG10 combines timeless aesthetics with advanced NEO software. Its visual appeal is enhanced by RGB illuminated LEDs that light up during an alarm, serving as a visual deterrent.

The slim profile of the NG10 makes it suitable for almost any retail environment. Whether it’s a boutique, department store, or any other retail setting, the NG10 seamlessly fits into various store styles without compromising on performance and functionality. A combination of style and efficiency makes the NG10 an excellent choice for retailers who prioritize both aesthetics and security.

Checkpoint Systems Detectiepoortjes

EVOLVE™ P10 / P20

The popular EVOLVE P10 and P20 Checkpoint Systems Detection Gates are designed to perform even in demanding retail environments and are ideal for deterring, detecting, and discouraging shoplifters.

With their intelligent alarm management, these antennas can recognize various types of alarms and effectively respond to specific situations, making your security system more precise and proactive.

The EVOLVE P10 and P20 antennas also offer optional customer counting software, allowing you not only to strengthen security but also to gain insight into the number of visitors to your store. This is valuable information for your business operations.

With advertising panels on the antennas, you can also aesthetically utilize your security system for advertisements, making your store not only safer but also visually more appealing.

In short, these antennas are a smart and versatile choice for retail security, designed to meet your specific needs. Enhance the safety, efficiency, and appearance of your store with the EVOLVE P10 and P20 antennas.

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EVOLVE™ P30 Checkpoint Systems Detection gates 

The EVOLVE P30 is designed with compactness and high performance in mind, making it the perfect choice for smaller stores with limited space. This Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) system seamlessly fits into your store environment and provides comprehensive detection capabilities without compromising on space efficiency.

Key Features: 

  • Compact and Efficient: The EVOLVE P30 combines robust security with a compact design, ideal for stores with limited space.
  • Comprehensive Detection Capabilities: Despite its small size, the EVOLVE P30 delivers impressive detection performance, enabling effective theft prevention.
  • Customization Options: Give your system a unique look with optional advertising panels and custom-made covers that match your brand’s identity.
  • Easy Integration: The EVOLVE P30 effortlessly integrates into your store environment, ensuring optimal security goes hand in hand with aesthetics.
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Discover the EVOLVE G35 Checkpoint Systems Detection Gates, where style and performance converge for effective retail security. This antenna provides reliable theft prevention with a low rate of false alarms, and its sleek plexiglass design adds a contemporary touch to any retail environment.


Key Features:

  • Reliable Theft Prevention
  • Experience stable detection without unnecessary interruptions, ensuring your store remains effectively protected.
  • Stylish Plexiglass Design
  • The slim and robust plexiglass design offers durability and a contemporary look.
  • LED Options for Visual Appeal
  • Enhance the visual appeal of your store with optional LED lighting, improving the overall shopping experience.
  • Expandable to RFID with Wirama Technology
  • Prepare your store for the future by easily expanding to RFID with advanced Wirama technology, offering more capabilities in inventory management and customer interactions.
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