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Security labels & Hardtags

Hardtags – optimal protection of high-quality items

Security labels for optimal protection

In today’s world, it is crucial to effectively secure products against theft and fraud. This is especially true for high-value items such as perfume, electronic products, and toys. Therefore, it is important to utilize security labels and hard tags. These labels ensure that the product cannot be removed from the store without permission, and the hard tags are highly suitable for securing small items.

KWBS is a supplier of hard tags and security stickers and labels. We offer a wide range of products, including those from Checkpoint Systems. Checkpoint Systems is the sole manufacturer of article security systems with in-house production of RF labels. These labels are of high quality and provide optimal protection for your products.

Hard tag labeling

Different kinds of hardtags

Hardtags come in various versions. There are standard labels, Premium labels, and special labels for food items, clothing, and personal care products. The hardtags can be applied manually or automatically. Due to the different versions, the right label is available for every application. This allows you to present your products securely in your store. You can also ensure that products remain within a specific zone.

EP labels from Checkpoint Systems

With the new EP (Enhanced Performance) labels from Checkpoint Systems, a new standard is being set. These labels are 25% smaller, yet offer the same performance. Additionally, they are 25% more effective than comparable RF labels of the same size. This makes them highly suitable for small items with high value. The products remain accessible to customers, stimulating impulse purchases. In case of theft, an alarm is activated at the exit, preventing the thief from leaving the store unnoticed with the product.


Security labels and hardtags are essential for protecting high-value items in your store. KWBS offers a wide range of products from Checkpoint Systems, the sole producer of article security systems with in-house production of RF labels. There are various types of hardtags available for every application, and the new EP labels set a new standard in security labeling. By using security labels and hardtags, you can safely showcase your products and minimize the risk of theft.

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