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Store security reduces your losses and increases your profits Our specialization = your advantage!

Prevent shoplifting

We supply an extensive package of security products, from article security systems, anti-theft systems to camera security systems. KWBS is a supplier of Checkpoint Systems. We are also happy to assist you in all areas in the field of automatic customer counting systems.

Store security

With solid item security from market leader Checkpoint Systems, you are one step ahead of shoplifters. In addition to detection gates, we offer autonomous systems without gates. We also have an effective system against wardrobing. Prevent loss of profit due to shoplifting and contact us today!

People Counting

Knowing when and how many visitors are coming is crucial for entrepreneurs. Our customer counters provide insight into daily visitors, purchasing customers, required staff deployment, promotional effectiveness, and conversion differences between stores. Clear counts help maximize revenue and minimize costs.

Camera security

Our advanced camera systems effectively reduce theft. We offer the latest cameras with high image quality for effortless use. No time-consuming search methods; fast forwarding, saving, printing or forwarding images is easy. The cameras have infrared for usable images in the dark.

Is your store security up to date?

KWBS is happy to visit you without obligation to evaluate your store security. We will walk through the store(s) with you and see what could be improved. You will receive non-binding, honest and substantiated advice about your store security and where improvements are possible. As an official supplier of Checkpoint Systems, we have a lot of experience in article security. Also think about your camera system, is a thief actually recognizable in the picture?


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