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Checkpoint Systems

KWBS, Partner of Checkpoint Systems

Detection gates from Checkpoint Systems

If you are looking for detection gates for your store, you will undoubtedly come across the Checkpoint Systems brand. After all, they are one of the largest and most important players in the field of RF article security worldwide. The recognizable gates can be found in many stores: from small independent retailers to large international retail chains. And for good reason, these article security gates are the best-selling of their kind. Technically, these detection gates are superior to most other brands, they have a high detection rate and are also low-maintenance. There are many different models available, each with their specific application and/or appearance

checkpoint systems visiplus in store
Checkpoint Systems Hyperguard

Even prepared shoplifter bags can be detected!

Currently, 1 in 3 shoplifters takes place using theft bags, causing annual damage of 120 million euros for Dutch retailers. If the shoplifter fills his bag with items, they can often no longer be detected by detection gates. There are even examples of entire strollers being prepared for shoplifting. To prevent this form of shoplifting, Checkpoint Systems has developed a system: Metalpoint Hyperguard. This system immediately gives an alarm when someone enters your building with a theft bag. With such an alarm, you can, for example, have your doors close automatically or take other measures.

Labels and Item Security from Checkpoint Systems

Security gates respond to the labels and stickers with which you provide products that are susceptible to theft. These labels come in many types. However, we also focus on specific item security with, for example, the Alpha Item Security line. This line consists of various innovative products to protect open shop merchandise against theft. Consider, for example, hard tags that trigger an alarm on site when a product is taken away. The investment for such Alpha security systems often pays for itself within a few months.

This item protection also focuses on specific products with a hefty price tag, such as expensive drinks, shoes, sunglasses, CDs / DVDs / Blu-rays and games. But there are also ready-made solutions for other valuable products. We have experience in various industries, such as clothing stores, department stores, electronics stores, foodstuffs, hardware stores, pharmacies and so on.

Labels and Item Security from Checkpoint Systems

Here are some examples of antenna’s / gates we have installed at C&A, Etos and Praxis: