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People Counter

Draadloze klantenteller

Counting Matters:  Knowledge is Power!

A people counter gives you this knowledge!
  • How many people are currently in the building?
  • How many people have been here?
  • What path do people take?
  • Where do congestion’s occur?
  • Which times are the busiest?

For optimal efficiency, it’s crucial to know how many people actually enter a store and how many of them make a purchase. For instance, why is the revenue low in one store while many more people visit compared to a similar store? In addition to stores, businesses, schools, and various public institutions need to know more about their visitor numbers. Is the allowed number of people in a building not exceeded? We have People counting systems that instantly record the number of people present.

Increase your profits with our people counters


What is the ratio between sales and number of visitors?


Why do stores A and C perform better than store B with fewer visitors?


Are there enough staff in the store or is the occupancy too high?


How many more visitors will come after a marketing campaign?

Bestseller Wireless people counter

Especially for shops and other buildings where it is necessary to continuously know how many people are inside, we now have a unique customer counter / visitor counter. The condition for this counter to work is that your location uses the same entrance and exit. Furthermore, this wireless, maintenance-friendly customer counter is suitable for doors with an opening up to 6 meters wide. For more additional information, click the button below. You can also order the counter directly here.

Separate horizontal people counters

Affordable and very accurate people counters that you can install yourself at the entrance posts without wires. Both incoming and outgoing customers/visitors are counted separately. The counter works for 1 year on standard AA batteries and can easily be reset using the included magnetic key so that the counter is reset to zero for the next day. Easy to install and easy to read.

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Separate horizontal customer counters with USB port

The USB version is suitable for stores with one or more branches. All counts are stored in memory and provided with time and date format. You can easily read the memory of the customer counter(s) using a USB stick. With the supplied SensorServer software you can read the USB stick on a PC and the data from the customer counter(s) is presented clearly. This way you can easily zoom in on the number of customers per hour/day/week and year. You can also upload the USB stick to the dashboard of our cloud service so that we keep track of all data and make it available for you.

Wireless network people counter

 The Sensors count people separately in both directions, both incoming and outgoing, and transmit the counts wirelessly to the SNG (Sensor Network Gateway).  The SNG provides the counts per minute with time and date and transmits these directly to our cloud service so that all counts can always be accessed from any PC, pad and smartphone.  Multiple counters can be linked from 1 to more than 1000 branches/stores.  The installations are very quick without causing damage to the interior. 

Vandal-resistant cabinet for outdoor installation of our wireless people counters

People Counter with Radar Technology

Highly accurate sensor for counting people indoors and outdoors, even in rain, mist, or smoke. While this customer counter complies with GDPR and privacy regulations, it records the following data:

  • Quantity of people passing by
  • The direction in which people are moving: IN/OUT
  • The current number of people within the specified zone
  • The total occupancy time

Within a range of 10 meters and an angle of 120°, everyone is recorded. Thanks to its highly advanced settings, this is a very reliable customer counter, suitable for a wide range of applications including:

  • Small and large buildings
  • Elevators
  • Meeting rooms
  • Toilets
  • Outdoors, for example:
  • Bus stops
  • Train stations
  • Pedestrians and cyclists
  • Walking areas

Wireless counting in the Cloud

The horizontal customer counters are wirelessly linked to the Sensor Network Gateway equipped with GSM communication. All meter readings are forwarded to our Cloud Service service in real time. The customer can view his data from any location without software installation and without using his own network, you only pay a fee per month. Ideal for retail organizations, libraries, companies with showrooms, public institutions, etc.

NB-IoT or LoRa battery-powered wireless people counter

These highly accurate customer counters are equipped with Narrow Band or LoRa technology and can be placed anywhere without the need for a local network. The counts are forwarded to our cloud service via the NB-IoT or LoRa network. You can follow all counts directly via a portal. Very useful for outdoor applications, mobile applications and applications where no network is available. The counters are wireless and work stand-alone on a set of batteries.

Vertical people counter with 3D camera

This intelligent 3D network camera is placed above an entrance to, for example, a store and counts incoming and outgoing visitors. The 3D technology makes it possible to measure depth, for example children up to a certain height can be excluded from the count. It is also possible to include the average visit duration, returning visitors, cross shopping and traffic along the store in the report. This counter is ideal for stores (chains), shopping centers, museums, libraries, etc.

Can also be configured as an occupancy meter if no more than an x ​​number of people are allowed in a room:


People counter klantenteller

You can also visit our (Dutch) website, specialized in people counters here