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Prevent “wardrobing” returns

Wardrobing, the phenomenon where customers order products, use them briefly, and then return them, is a growing problem for many retailers. This article explores the impact of wardrobing, the challenges faced by both physical stores and online shops, and introduces an innovative solution: the Shark Tag®.

Wardrobing and the Fashion Industry
The fashion industry is particularly vulnerable to wardrobing. Customers order clothing specifically for an occasion, such as a job interview or a wedding, only to return it claiming it doesn’t meet their expectations. This results not only in loss of time but also in significant costs for companies, regardless of their size.

The Scope of the Problem

A survey conducted in the Netherlands reveals that nearly 6% of shoppers have admitted to engaging in wardrobing, both online and offline. These statistics highlight the urgency of addressing this issue, not only for large e-commerce giants like Zalando but also for local small businesses.

The Impact on Businesses

Returned items often cannot be resold as new, leaving companies with unsold inventory. Some organizations are even forced to destroy these items, which not only means financial loss but also has a significant impact on the environment.

Shark Tag for wardrobing protection

Introducing the Shark Tag®

Fortunately, there is now an innovative solution to effectively combat wardrobing: the Shark Tag®. This clever product offers a simple yet effective method to prevent abuse of the return policy.

The Shark Tag® is the ideal way to combat wardrobing!

How the Shark Tag® Works

The red Shark Tag® is attached to a prominent location on the garment, allowing it to be tried on but not suitable for outdoor use. Customers can easily remove the tag themselves, but by doing so, they automatically forfeit the right of return. Furthermore, the tag is not reusable after removal. With a low cost per unit, this small investment quickly pays off for retailers.

Benefits of the Shark Tag® against wardrobing.

Effective Deterrent: The prominent Shark Tag® discourages customers from ordering clothing for one occasion and then returning it.
Easy to Use: Both for the customer and the store employee, the Shark Tag® is easy to handle, causing no additional hassle.
Environmentally Friendly: By reducing wardrobing, the Shark Tag® contributes to reducing unnecessary product pollution and waste.

Order the Shark Tag® Now!

Do you want to protect your store from the consequences of wardrobing? Order the Shark Tag® online today! It’s an investment that quickly pays for itself and helps your business operate more efficiently and sustainably. Stop this form of theft and protect your profit margins with the innovative Shark Tag®! Together, we can put an end to the negative impact of wardrobing on the retail industry.


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