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Theft bag metal detection

Victim of thieves with a theft bag?

theft bag

Discover the hidden threat!

According to Retail Netherlands, shoplifting with prepared theft bags, jackets, or even strollers is a growing problem, with as many as 1 in 3 cases using these cunning methods. Standard detection gates prove inadequate, potentially leaving your security system unaware that your goods are leaving the store with the help of these advanced theft bags.

Unnoticed victim of shoplifting?

Hyperguard shuts the door

Retail Netherlands warns that you may have been a victim of this form of theft without realizing it. Criminals exploit this weakness in store security systems and eagerly use prepared theft bags. This method is so popular that there is even a standard Google search: try entering “theft bag” – Google’s first suggestion (at the time of writing) is “Make theft bag”.

Checkpoint Systems Hyperguard

Various methods of theft

Not only theft bags, but also long jackets and even strollers are prepared to steal larger products. A guitar shop in Amsterdam served as a poignant example, where very expensive guitars regularly disappeared with the help of a theft jacket. Although some thieves have since been unmasked, it remains a problem for retailers with products of varying value.

Hyperguard: The ultimate solution

Fortunately, there is an effective solution available in the form of the Hyperguard. This advanced system alerts you as soon as someone with a theft bag, prepared jacket, or stroller enters your store. It not only provides a sense of satisfaction but also allows you to catch thieves in the act. Immediately, you have a face to the perpetrator and can share this crucial information with your staff and colleagues.

If you are dealing with shoplifters using prepared bags, make sure to get informed about the HyperGuard. This innovative system is easy to integrate with all existing store detection gates (antennas) and alerts you immediately when someone with a prepared bag, jacket, or stroller enters your store. Protect your store and reduce the impact of theft with this effective security solution. Trust in the Hyperguard and prevent thieves from executing their nefarious plans in your store environment. Contact us for more information!

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